The Welch Road Utility Project (WRUP) was completed four months ahead of schedule on July 22, 2013, at which time Welch returned to a two-way road.

Welch Road Utility Project

The Welch Road Utility Project was the first phase of the Renewal Project and served as a vital step in ensuring the underlying functionality of the new medical facilities. Work included replacing utility services and information technology infrastructure along Welch and Quarry Roads – in addition to constructing new utilities to serve the new hospital facilities once they are built.

This effort also included the widening of Welch Road, one of the main arteries into the medical center campus, and the replacement of sidewalks, planting of new trees, installation of planted medians and street lighting.

Welch Road Re-opened to Two-Way Traffic on July 22nd

Traffic changes included:

  • Welch Road re-opened to two-way traffic on Monday, July 22nd.
  • The Welch Road driveways to 750/770 Welch are now open. The Vineyard Lane driveway to these properties permanently closed on July 23, 2013.
  • Access to 730 and 732 Welch Road (Packard Clinics and Outpatient MRI Center) will remain via Vineyard Lane. The Welch Road driveways to these properties will remain closed.

Please consult this map for more information on access routes to the properties located on Welch Road.

Thank you for your support and patience during the completion of the Welch Road Utility Project.

Welch Rd. Reopens Flyer and Map