Letter: Hospitals are crown jewel

April 3rd, 2009

Palo Alto Weekly,


Some of the Palo Alto City Council members have made it clear in their demands regarding Stanford Hospital(s) projects our community isn’t capable of absorbing the impacts resulting from the expansion of the Stanford and Lucile Packard facilities.

The street network is maxed and infrastructure is taxed to capacity. Then why even entertain the Stanford proposal? What would change these facts even if Stanford did agree to the 56 or so concessions authored by the council?

It must create a gleam in council members’ eyes when Stanford comes to them for project approvals because it offers another opportunity to squeeze whatever they can get from the “golden goose” to fund other, unrelated city projects—about $200 million worth in this case.

I feel the Stanford Hospital proposal is not a land-use issue but a health care issue. The hospitals and medical school provide benefits well beyond the boundaries of Palo Alto and are a last bastion of hope for many who are desperate for medical care only provided here. Medical innovations discovered and invented at these hospitals, too many to list here, have made positive impacts in medical care world-wide.

The hospitals are a crown jewel in our own back yard and it is our duty and obligation to support their success and not to do so would be a tragic case of short-sightedness.

Larry Taylor
High Street
Palo Alto