Letter: New hospital will serve elders’ needs

August 20th, 2009

Palo Alto Daily News,


As a professor of medicine and human biology at Stanford, I am particularly delighted that the new Stanford Hospital project will serve the needs of our future elders. The population of citizens over 65 in the Palo Alto area is increasing and is expected to continue in the decades to come. The current hospital was built when the proportion of older adults was substantially smaller. As a geriatrician and former clinical director for Geriatrics at Stanford, my research focused on frail hospitalized elderly patients, whose medical and surgical care is complicated.

The new Stanford Hospital plans center around caring for the older patients who now represent the majority of hospitalized inpatients. Attention to their family and functional needs will be a central aspect.

This will be a valuable resource for all of the aging population in our area, and I urge public support of the hospital project and the benefits it will bring.

Carol Hutner Winograd, MD