Hospital and Outpatient Center expansion reach new heights in 2015

October 3rd, 2014

Multi-story steel frames, the skeletons of Stanford Health Care’s modern medical facilities, are gradually taking shape after years of planning—both on campus and 25 miles to the south—to address the increasing health care needs of the surrounding communities.

“With the addition of three new facilities, Stanford Health Care is expanding its footprint by more than a million square feet to better serve its patients,” says Bert Hurlbut, Vice President of Construction. “The next year will culminate with the opening of the South Bay Cancer Center, the completion of the Neuroscience Health Center, and the completion of the new hospital’s seven-story steel frame.”

The first of these three projects is the South Bay Cancer Center (SBCC), which is scheduled to open for patient care in summer 2015. When Stanford started the project, the four-story building was a warm shell with a minimally finished interior, says Katie Abbott, Senior Program Manager of Business Operations. Construction crews are now on site, building out interior framing, installing drywall, and beginning some interior finishes. In the next few months, major medical equipment installation will begin. The project team is also beginning the transition-planning phase and continues to design future processes that will allow us to deliver coordinated care in a patient and family-centered way, Abbott adds.

Closer to campus, crews at the Stanford Neuroscience Health Center have completed the steel framing, installed metal decking on each floor, and began pouring concrete, says Rachel de Guzman, Senior Project Manager, Planning, Design & Construction. The steel system was installed in just four weeks due in part to Stanford’s use of a modular, prefabricated steel building system that automates welding and machining processes. Later this month, the crew will begin erecting the exterior glass skin of the building, and that work will continue through the spring. Construction is scheduled to be complete in July 2015.

A mile down the road, the new Stanford Hospital is rising out of the ground, one floor of steel at a time. “For the last year and half, we have been going down,” says Kevin Curran, Director Hospital and Outpatient Center expansion reach new heights— literally—in 2015 of Construction. “And now we’re really going up.” Steel beam installation started in late June and will continue through February 2015, Curran says. “We’re currently at the third level, with five or six more to go.” The hospital will celebrate the completion of steel with a “topping off ceremony,” fitting the final steel beam into place amidst a celebration.

Once the frame is complete, the number of laborers onsite will increase from about 200 to 600 per day, says Curran, as various trades work side by side on the interior. Early next year, a giant tower crane will be brought on site to hoist the exterior materials needed to enclose the building. The new hospital is scheduled for completion in 2017.

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